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Steve Larsen Invited to Speak at "Living Legends" at Carnegie Hall

STEVE LARSEN, The King of Offer Creation, Russell Brunson’s #1 “#FunnelHacker,” and host of the podcast Sales Funnel Radio, is scheduled to be a Featured Main Stage Speaker at the Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing conference at Carnegie Hall on September 26-27-28, 2019.

Steve Larsen at Two Comma Club X event

Created by Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint ArthurLiving Legends at Carnegie Hall is the first-ever entrepreneurial event in the venue’s storied 128-year history.

The conference will feature an all-star cast of celebrities & business legends – including Steve Larsen, alongside Martha StewartIce-T & CocoDan Kennedy; Walter O’Brien (“The Smartest Man in the World,” Scorpion); Michael E. Gerber; Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s; Hal Elrod, bestselling author of “The Miracle Morning” books; and Dylan Howard, Chief Content Officer at American Media Inc. – who will share their “Last Lectures” on “how to thrive as an Entrepreneur”, and lessons & “Blow-Your-Mind Business Wisdom” from their careers with a collective mission of helping the Entrepreneurs in attendance to transform their lives and live with more Impact on themselves and the world – just like the many legendary performers & speakers who made history at Carnegie Hall before them.

Every speaker at Clint Arthur’s Living Legends is a person who has earned their way to Carnegie Hall through unrivaled success on the entrepreneurial battlefield. You have questions – they KNOW the answers.

Steve Larsen is a true veteran at creating irresistible product offers, having worked side-by-side with Russell Brunson to design & create more than 500 official sales funnels for the ClickFunnels marketing platform. At Living Legends, Steve Larsen will be sharing his unique methodologies of offer creation and customer targeting. VIP attendees will receive 1-on-1 consults with Steve to tweak & improve the current offers in their business.

More Reasons to Step Up for Clint Arthur Presents Living Legends at Carnegie Hall:

1. Transform Your Vision of Your Life & Career Forever

2. Connect with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

3. Make Deals & Joint Ventures


5. Aha Business Insights will Illuminate Years of Darkness!

6. Get EDUCATED Directly by Living Legends

7. ICE-T & COCO!

8. Get Answers to burning questions about Your Business

9. Massive Business Concepts Could Instantly 2X 3X or even 10X Your Profits!

10. Modus Operandi & Strategies to Excite & Motivate YOU!

11. Connect with a Person You Know & Admire

12. Have Fun Learning with Friends — and Make New Friends

13. Be Part of The Very First Entrepreneurs Conference in Carnegie Hall’s 128-Year History!

14. You Will Be Astonished at How Many Entrepreneurial Marketing Secrets You Were Completely Clueless About!

15. Enjoy World Class Info-Tainment

16. Get Inspired & Motivated to Blow Up Your Business

17. Enjoy New York City ENERGY!

18. For VIP Attendees: Once-In-A-Lifetime Photo Opps with Legends inside Carnegie Hall

19. Escape the Office for 3 or More Days!

20. Discover New Tools, Resources, & State of the Art Success Stuff

21. Get Recognized by Peers who Understand the Cool Things You’re Doing

22. Recharge, Reinvent, Revitalize, & Renew your Passion for Entrepreneurship!

23. Be Part of Our A+ Community of Superstar Business Leaders

For more information about the event, registration & tickets, visit

View the official event listing for Clint Arthur’s “Living Legends” on the Carnegie Hall website.

Learn more about Clint Arthur at www.ClintArthur.TV

Clint Arthur Presents Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing at Carnegie Hall - Sept 26-28, 2019


STEVE LARSEN built 500+ funnels for Russell Brunson at ClickFunnels before leaving to create his own 7-figure business. He is a principle advisor & trainer in the Two Comma Club X Coaching Program and the world famous One Funnel Away Challenge.

His Sales Funnel Radio podcast shares funnel-building best practices, and teaches the finer points of marketing & “Offer-ology.”

He now helps new and existing companies double their revenue with the same five patterns all businesses need to create more success. Steve’s approach to offers are so attractive that fans body-check their own Grandmas just to buy!


Founded in 1891, CARNEGIE HALL was built by legendary industrialist Andrew Carnegie with a vision of creating the premier venue for performance in the world. Legendary speakers & performers who have previously appeared at Carnegie Hall include Mark Twain, who performed his “Last Lecture” at Carnegie Hall; Booker T. Washington; Teddy Roosevelt; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Albert Einstein; Groucho Marx; J.K. Rowling; Jerry Seinfeld; The Beatles; Ernest Hemingway; Woodrow Wilson; Bob Dylan; Sammy Davis Jr.; Robin Williams; Dean Martin; Frank Sinatra; Judy Garland; Liza Minnelli; The Rolling Stones; Neil Young; Chris Rock; Bruce Springsteen; Lady Gaga; Tony Bennett; Bono; Andy Kaufman; Brooke Shields; and Sir Winston Churchill.

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