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Edmonton Small Business Reputation Management

Edmonton Small Business Reputation Management

It’s been said many times in many ways that a single negative comment, feedback, or online review can undo the reputation of a company that's spent 20 years establishing an online presence. That statement was never more true than it is today, with so many people shopping online and becoming adept at posting on social media and directories. Discover the affordability of working with an Edmonton small business reputation management specialist who can repair damage to your online image and help your business shine in the eyes of your customers. Get in touch with Magnetic 13 to get started.

Proactive vs Reactive Reputation Management

If you’re fortunate enough not to have bad press on the World Wide Web, you’re one of the few, not the many. Taking your eyes off of your image could be disastrous for your business, though. Most Edmonton digital marketing platforms are designed to bring in more customers but they lack one key service that every business needs- a way to manage their reputation. Magnetic 13 is the exception to that rule; we believe reputation management is essential to the success of any business.

With proactive reputation management, you can begin to manage your brand’s reputation well before risks occur. In the long run, you’ll spend less money to maintain a positive image online. Marketing experts agree that it’s a lot easier to build a great online reputation than it is to fix a broken one.

When Things Go Wrong

You may be surprised to learn that your current digital advertising platform offers no way to address less-than-stellar reviews or comments left on social media. The fact is, most Edmonton online advertising companies are more interested in providing SEO and website building than they are in helping their clients grow or maintain a successful brand.

If you’ve searched for your own business name online and found issues with feedback or comments that cast your business in a negative light, rest easy- Magnetic 13 has a crisis management solution available that will help you repair your image without spending a lot of money.

Take the Next Step

Whether you need proactive or reactive reputation management services from an experienced marketing agency, there’s one important thing you should consider before you start looking at online advertising firms in Edmonton. Unless you specifically request Edmonton small business reputation management services, your marketing agency will probably not address existing problems or offer proactive services.

If your current marketing company is unable to meet your needs, get in touch with Magnetic 13 and let us know you’ve been giving some thought to your online reputation and want to ensure your image is the best it can be. We proudly offer a free telephone consultation to answer any questions you have and give you an idea of how we can help. See our full list of digital marketing services online, visit our blog, and read our story to learn why we are the very best choice when you need Edmonton small business reputation management.

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