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This is what clients get within a week of starting with us. No "secret sauce" -- just giving the search engines what they want.

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  • Making the switch from “analogue” marketing to digital marketing?
  • Looking for new ways to get your name out there?
  • Thinking of firing your current SEO company?
  • Tried search engine optimization yourself, but it doesn’t seem to work for long?

If you’re one of these (and perhaps more), Triple Agent Digital Media SEO is here to help!

And help you dominate not just one search — but as many searches, on as many platforms, as possible.

Because our R&D shows that’s what consistently gives your customers avenues direct to YOUR Product or Service.

Yep — whether your audience is local or national.

What Do You Get From Our Digital Marketing?

We're Triple Agent Digital Media. In our years of experience in digital marketing, we know the Internet (now more than ever before) is what keeps our favourite businesses thriving - be it in our cozy home near Toronto, in the USA, or anywhere else.

We believe in the success of companies that deliver a great product or service. And Google has completely overtaken the Yellow Pages as the #1 venue to discover businesses.

We as a society put so much trust in Google that, 53% of the time, to choose the business we hire or buy from, all we do is click on the #1 position on search results.

Meaning if your competitor has that top spot, they're stealing all your business. And because you're here, we're certain you understand that!

Here's why you want the best SEO expert for your money...

People are looking up businesses like yours on search engines every day. You DESERVE the top spot on Google. Without it, you're losing tons of revenue.

Who should you hire then? Why, partner with someone who masterminds with the top SEOs in the whole industry. Someone who specializes in Scientific SEO.

Scientifically-Proven Marketing

Triple Agent Digital Media's search engine optimization strategies are based on rock-solid science. Google is changing fast. So much so, that our SEO Genius (an award-winning speaker who's shared our "ABC's of Digital Marketing" formula at Nasdaq, Harvard Club of Boston, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz and on 77 WABC Radio in New York City) painstakingly tests Google's various ranking factors day-in and day-out.

All this, so we're able to assure you that our SEO is what's working today. Not a month or two ago, today. Even in the most difficult of industries, the one Google calls YMYL ("your money or your life").

With all our science and industry standard best practices...

...we bring you long-term marketing strategies and custom SEO marketing plans to maintain your visibility on Google for ages to come.

All giving you the confidence & certainty that your business's success is secured!

Thanks to our SEO, now that people are aware of your unique value proposition, YOU are now the one they're raving about to friends & family.

And those friends & family will pass it on to their friends & family, and on and on.

So... the bottom line? Recognition is key. Google and the internet are the places to be seen in. We'll help you dominate them, whether you’re looking for quality Newmarket SEO, Markham SEO, York Region SEO, or you're anyplace else. Get started now and sign up for a free consultation with us!

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About Our SEO Agency

That’s our leader, Alexander Velitchko, 75 feet tall on the Nasdaq Jumbotron in Times Square, where he debuted his award-winning speech on “The ABC’s of Marketing,” which he's since shared at various great multinational corporations.

Alexander got his start in SEO at only 11 years young, when he scaled a YouTube music channel from zero to 73,825+ views in 9 months, without a dime in PPC. 10 years later, that channel still gets hundreds of views daily.

Applying that understanding to Google search, Alexander has adapted his passion to work as a marketing advisor and consultant to top industry professionals and change-making entrepreneurs.

Find out who we are and why we love helping local and national businesses all over the GTA and North America (and the world) to show the world what they're made of!

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