About Triple Agent Digital Media

Hi, we’re Arkadi & Alexander!

We’re a sociable, outgoing father-and-son duo that loves to work and travel together. Spreading good will is a key component of our life (and business) philosophy. Collectively, we believe in the power of giving back, and leveraging Google & SEO to place reputable entrepreneurs & companies where they deserve to be found is our way of doing it.

Why are we passionate about Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing?

After a life-altering personal event a few years back, sheer fate sent us in the path of some of the most successful and innovative Search Engine Optimization service providers around.

While both of us had previously been aware of SEO, networking with these people left us amazed at how much knowledge we’d missed out on over time…

…and that’s when we discovered the perfect business model for our needs, values and skill sets.

One thing led to another, and sooner rather than later, we realized that we can use our combined 40+ years of experience to help other businesses grow over an extended period of time, which spreads positive community energy and fuels the economy.

And thus began the story of Triple Agent Digital Media.

Our #BHAG: Digital Entrepreneurship with a Cause

We believe in giving not just to YOU as a business owner, but to the whole world! We are going to commit a portion of our profits to help bring to the market early detection systems/tests for rare cancers. It can be financial help, volunteering, etc. This is our “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (#BHAG) and our ultimate motivator.

This cause is deeply important to us, as we lost Francine – a beloved wife, mother, daughter, and best friend we ever had – to bile duct cancer. What was especially sad is that she passed away at 49, with so much potential still locked inside her. Over 30,000 people in US develop bile duct cancer each year.

Bile duct cancer is a very rare disease, which, over the years, has been taking more and more lives. Smoking and drinking are the main known risk factors, and Francine was neither of those all her life.

Usually, by the time this cancer is detected, it’s too late, so it really means a lot to us that others don’t suffer this same fate.

We have been in touch with some public speaking figures in the US and Canada, one of whom is a public speaker, breast cancer survivor & spokesperson for the American Cancer Society. So far, without going deeper, there was not enough research in this area yet. Treatment, yes – but NOT early-detection. We appreciate your contributions, so if you know of anything, we’d love to hear from you.

It really means a lot to us for the technology to be there to help others to NOT suffer from the same fate as Francine did.

Right now, we are in the process of establishing a non-profit side of our SEO digital marketing agency. When it’s launched, you can have the confidence that when you invest in us, you aren’t just receiving valuable marketing assets for your business … you are becoming part of a legacy that betters the health of people all around the world – possibly including your loved ones!

Keep in touch with us and you will be notified when this project is launched. If you have anything to share with us or you want to be a part of it, contact us!

Who are we?

Alexander Velitchko

SEO Genius Award Winner

A Huron Heights Secondary School Newmarket graduate, Alexander is an energetic, enthusiastic person whose computer skills go all the way back to the earliest days of his childhood. Alexander is responsible for the technical and copywriting aspects of Triple Agent Digital Media’s business endeavours, implementing code and supervising the website design.

At the ripe young age of 19, Alexander Velitchko made his debut as an award-winning public speaker in the 2018 Expert Story Summit at Harvard Club of Boston, delivering a 5-minute speech about his life and business to 100+ entrepreneurs, CEOs, influencers and changemakers from all around the world … USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, UK, Bulgaria, Mexico, South Africa, the list goes on and on …

Needless to say, Alexander’s speech received rave reviews from all of the business experts and thought leaders who appeared at the event, and has earned him the prestigious SEO Genius Award. Alexander enjoys hanging out with celebrities, and at the Harvard event, he has had the privilege of sharing the stage with George H. Ross (Trump’s right-hand man on The Apprentice) and the legendary Caitlyn Jenner.

View Alexander Velitchko’s Harvard speech on YouTube [opens in new tab]

Alexander takes pride in TADM’s core mission: to spread immense good will amongst reliable, honest local (and national, and international) companies and their customers by expanding their internet visibility.


Arkadi is Alexander’s dad, investor, advisor, chaperone and business partner. He has an extensive background in mechanical, power & marine engineering, which greatly sharpened his problem-solving skills over time. For this reason, he is chiefly responsible for closing deals with TADM’s clients. Arkadi collaborates closely with Alexander to devise solutions and plans that benefit YOU – the client – in the best way possible and solve the most pressing concerns you may’ve ever had about your marketing.

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