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October 5, 2018

1-Minute Tip #2: How to Stop Slanderous Reviews... What's Missing In My Online Reputation Management?

You don't know it yet...but you could have GAPING HOLES in your online reputation management strategy that allow nasty reviews to get to the top of Google...

and *tarnish* your reputation, brand & integrity! What do you do? Let's find out!

Let's talk a little about online reputation management services.

This is Alexander Velitchko, and in my second 1-Minute Tips video, I'm going to talk about a really important thing to pay attention to in your company.

Your lack of online presence opens up the doors for people to complain about your business, to where they'll EASILY pop up on Google searches for your brand name - making you look *bad* in the eyes of your customers & prospects.

Fact is, even the biggest businesses aren't aware of what's lacking in their social branding and online reputation management strategy that allows complainers to claim your business's unclaimed spots.

I talk about how to fix this for your own business, giving you a massive advantage.

How to Stop Inviting Negative & Unfounded Online Reviews

Video Transcription

Alexander: Hey hey hey, what's going on? This is Alexander Velitchko of Triple Agent Digital Media! And welcome back to another edition of 1-Minute Tips: Little Strategies to Make You Smarter about Digital Marketing Every Day!

Do you KNOW that you have GAPING HOLES in your social media branding strategy? They could be flat-out inviting people to write negative comments or unfounded comments about you online... and because you haven't claimed those social media spaces yet, they're going to float to the TOP of Google search results.

That's what I do. Social media branding is my flesh & blood. And when you contact me, I'm going to send you an audit of over 300 of the most authoritative social media and branding websites around.

You'll see right away which ones you're not on, and... chances are, you're not gonna be on a lot of them! Maybe you're going to be missing out on 10...100...200...whatever.

And as a service, I can build out for you all those missing social media profiles, help you claim all those missing spots, and build out those profiles to the fullest extent possible.

Now you got 2 choices:

  1. I build out those profiles for you all at once.
  2. I spread out, kind of like drip out, all those social profiles & branding sites over a period of several months, and I just take that stuff as it comes.

So next time, if someone ever wants to make a negative comment about you online, that rock-solid fortress of social media defense that I built for you is going to BOUNCE away those comments from the Top 10 Google search results, which you will now be dominating, and you don't have to worry about your customers seeing a thing!

Alright, alright, alright! Thank you so much for watching! Please be sure to like it, comment, share with anybody you know who you *know* could benefit from this information. And please hit that Subscribe button, so you can stay tuned and get even more 1-Minute Tips where I'll go even deeper with more insights about Little Strategies to Make You Smarter about Digital Marketing Every Day!

And I've got lots of cool stuff on my business website, so I got a link down in the description, so check it out.

Alright - thanks so much for watching. I'm certain you've found this little tidbit useful... thanks again!

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