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Hey there, fellow business owner in the Niagara area! Struggling with getting customers to your door and getting your name out there? You couldn’t be at a better place at a better time.

If you’re a sensible entrepreneur, chances are you have some form of an online presence. Even if you don’t, leveraging the Internet to drive customers to your business is a must in this tech-heavy world.

A custom cabinets dealer went bust within 3 years because they believed 30 years of expertise & experience “didn’t need marketing” and could bring customers to them alone. This, despite the fact that 97% of consumers use online search to find businesses.

Since Google dominates 75% of the market, this is where businesses like yours in Niagara Falls & Buffalo turn to search engine optimization: getting their websites optimized to show up in the most visible, visited, relevant spots on search engines.

Welcome to SEO Niagara Falls/Buffalo, a trusted provider of professional organic search engine optimization marketing.

Why does Buffalo / Niagara Falls SEO matter?

Buffalo and Niagara Falls SEO matter because search engine optimization is one of the most efficient ways of generating leads, customers & hence revenue for your business.

Today, Google is arguably the most trusted means of finding any form of information online. In fact, society trusts the dominating search engine so much that less than 10% of searchers ever browse beyond the first page. To attract website visitors most likely to convert to loyal customers, your website must be visible for niche-specific search queries. Having a website won’t matter if you don’t have proper SEO.

In that case, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to bring in a desirable amount of business & revenue from the quantity of traffic you used to get from Google. We help you to change that situation for the better, by using SEO to maximize your business website’s popularity.

Triple Agent Digital Media SEO Niagara Falls is an international SEO digital marketing company that does what’s right for you to grow your exposure, whether locally or internationally.

Our leader, Alexander Velitchko, is a bestselling Amazon author, computer & Internet user since the age of 2, and an acclaimed speaker on the topic of SEO. He has had the privilege of sharing his message on the same stage as Caitlyn Jenner & George Ross at the Harvard Club of Boston. Alexander is a 2-time award-winning "Outstanding Speaker" for his Harvard Club speech.

We’re globally-aware and provide our Niagara Falls SEO to businesses on both sides of the border. Our SEO marketing service is tailored to businesses in the Buffalo-Niagara area in western New York state, the Niagara Region in southern Ontario, Canada, nationwide and beyond.

Niagara Falls SEO Campaigns. What do they encompass and how does TADM scale my business?

  • Building up your trustworthiness & authority in the eyes of both Google and your customers, both on-site and off-site
  • Ranking your website for relevant keywords on Google
  • Using SEO to drive qualified visitors to your website from niche & intent-specific queries on Google, as well as relevant traffic sources...visitors that become customers, and hence create more revenue for you
  • Marking your brand’s territory on Google with fully filled-out accounts on hundreds of high-authority websites and social networks
  • Content marketing to satisfy your audience’s curiosity, clear up confusion about your products & services, and keep them coming back for more… drawing in new and repeat buyers.
  • Increase your brand awareness and popularity
  • Optimize your website to be mobile-friendly

A. Advertising...

It's not enough to be at the top for just one search query. To truly scale, you must capture as many searches as possible.

When one search generates revenue, imagine what it's like to get clicks from as many others like it as possible.

We do this by tuning up your on-site factors, AND building your off-site buzz. For SEO to work, you need both.Our goal: expand your online footprint -- so all roads lead to you. The possibility is endless.

B. Branding...

...and managing your online reputation.
No matter who already knows you, the health of your brand is key.

Every hard-working business deserves to look as good online as they do offline. Google calls it "E.A.T."*

Our Advertising grows your E.A.T. ethically, so that the more places you show up, the more you stand out as #1 in the minds of your users. 

A bonus: you safeguard searches for your own brand name from naysayers (like those who hijack your social media) and irrelevant results.

C. Content...

Content is the King. 🤴
Content Marketing is the Queen! 👸 

Customers always seek fresh & interesting content.

We develop a custom strategy to get your business' content out to where people look for it -- and assist with content creation.

Often, we distribute it through high-traffic news sites & other (non-competing) industry authorities.

This practice further confirms your expertise in Google's eyes. It has the snowball effect of multiplying visibility, and hence clicks to your website.

*E.A.T. = Expertise, Authority & Trustworthiness, a term which Google mentions more than 200 times in their Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

Why Choose SEO Niagara Falls & Buffalo?

You may not be getting as much as you should for your marketing dollar from some SEO agencies. We help you understand the complicated maze of SEO better.

A better Niagara Falls SEO expert will help to make your website rank well on all search engines. Numerous SEO companies focus only on on-page optimization, which is good, but will not get you where you must be in a great deal of cases. We focus on increasing your popularity, where rankings are simply the end result, and we increase your popularity by increasing the amount of inbound links that are coming to your website from trusted, authoritative, industry-relevant sources.

Rankings, in turn, will even further increase the amount of visitors to your website, which means more consumers and income for your company.

SEO marketing companies know how to find relevant niches that can make for excellent marketing approaches and delve deeper.

We understand that it’s difficult to be able to choose an SEO agency based on their defining qualities. Here’s what the Niagara Falls SEO Company focuses on:

  • We focus on doing optimization the way Google wants it - plain and simple! That helps to give your customers the best user experience. Ethical SEO means the search engines won't get diluted with poor-quality or spam content.
  • Enhanced depth and breadth of consumer targeting. We don’t just focus on one high-volume keyword: we also laser-focus in on the lower-volume niche-specific keywords used by your target audience.
  • When you’re looking to rank locally, we do geo-targeted keyword research for you to determine the top performing keywords, and optimize you to be visible for the people in your city that are searching for.
  • We don’t think about SEO in terms of what it costs, we think of SEO in terms of the return-on-investment it brings you. Compared to other marketing means like pay-per-click campaigns, professional search engine optimization is one of the most efficient uses of your money. We do all the heavy lifting and deep diving to find which search terms are being used by searchers in your niche, so we can optimize your site for those. You don’t have to do the research yourself. We save you time!
  • Creating online marketing assets that bring you long-term results. Business owners that invest in marketing are highly likely to choose the long-term strategy, since marketing is used to increase business popularity & awareness – and realistically, who really wants to look for popularity in the short-term? Once all the optimization is done, you should be able to get results from organic non-PPC search engine traffic for a long time to come.
  • No contracts! Unlike certain other advertisers, we’re a performance-based marketing agency. You get to stay with us for as long as you like, but we do recommend that you stay with us for the first 3 months to see results kicking in.
  • Measurable results. You get a realistic picture of what’s working. We provide you with Google reports of the organic search queries, live search appearances & search result clickthroughs you are getting out of our SEO campaign.
  • Day in and day out, we study what’s working in Google search to give greater weight to a website’s ranking.
  • SEO-optimized content marketing. The content of a website sets it apart from all others. It only takes seconds for a visitor in the Buffalo-Niagara area to get their first impression of you from your website, so proper Niagara Falls & Buffalo SEO doesn’t exclude on-page content. All the critical elements include relevant information that your customers may be asking for; making your site easy to find and navigate; and showing the character of your business.
  • Every part of your SEO campaign is custom-tailored to your company & industry.

SEO Niagara Falls' Services Don’t End There. How Else Do We Boost Your Online Presence?

Running a successful business marketing campaign doesn't mean you have to sit at a bench and gaze at the scenic Niagara Falls all day, whether it be the American Falls or the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. That's right, social media comes into play, like it or not!

A comprehensive social media strategy is essential to any Niagara Falls SEO campaign. At Triple Agent Digital Media, what we do isn’t just any old social media marketing: it’s leveraging the most authoritative social media & website account properties to build a massive wall of branding around your company, suppressing naysayers and slanderous comments from the 1st page of Google search results. This sort of SEO is a form of online reputation management.

When properly implemented, social media sites can be successful outlets for potential and new clients to communicate to you. Because the armada of social sites we build for you can take up the top 10 spots, it'll make it a lot easier for your own searchers to reach out to you - they'll see you, no one else! They don't even have to worry about getting turned off by a false, slanderous or negative post on the first page. You will undoubtedly see a gain in traffic when you incorporate social media into your marketing strategy - especially on mobile devices. With helpful, attention-catching & informative posts especially, you can lead people to your website through social media, potentially gaining a conversion.

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Client and Partner Reviews

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Triple Agent Digital Media is great at what that they do. I operate a small law office and was looking to have my website and Google Business Page ranked higher. The father and son duo provided me with a game plan and simplified the process for me in terms of how to rank higher in this competitive online space. After a about a month worth of work, I noticed impressive results, particularly with the ranking of my GMB. I directly received more calls as a result of their work and making my page more exposed. I would recommend their work without hesitation to colleagues.
Captan Law
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You've helped me a lot. I really appreciate the work you've done for me, in helping me to stand out on the Internet. If you Google 'Clint Arthur,' you'll see me everywhere. Thank you so much Alexander for that work -- and keep up the great work!
Clint Arthur
Has been working with Alexander for 2 years
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have given Alexander a lot of ideas as to how he should structure his business. He tells me I even gave him the name of his company. Alexander is a person you can trust. He is also one of the few people in the SEO business you can trust! If you are looking for new clients to come to your business via your website, Alexander is the guy for you!!
James Whelan (The James R. Whelan Agency)
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We just got off a phone consult of a potential client and he mentioned that he typed-in our target keyword and he found us. I tried it and indeed we are on the first page. Great job!
F.M. (Law Firm)
Details currently redacted for confidentiality

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That’s our leader, Alexander Velitchko, 75 feet tall on the Nasdaq Jumbotron in Times Square, where he debuted his award-winning speech on “The ABC’s of Marketing,” which he's since shared at various great multinational corporations.

Alexander got his start in SEO at only 11 years young, when he scaled a YouTube music channel from zero to 73,825+ views in 9 months, without a dime in PPC. 10 years later, that channel still gets hundreds of views daily.

Applying that understanding to Google search, Alexander has adapted his passion to work as a marketing advisor and consultant to top industry professionals and change-making entrepreneurs.

Find out who we are and why we love helping local and national businesses all over the GTA and North America (and the world) to show the world what they're made of!

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